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Mirage Merchant

Bloodsport Gambler

Bloodsport Gambler

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Bloodsport Gambler, a game for 1 or 2 players, focuses on a tense & seedy story of risk, luck, and the efforts that sway fate in your favor. The simple gameplay combines card-driven strategy, risk mitigation, and resource management with the thrill of betting, dice rolling, and pushing your luck.

Thrust into desperation by swelling debts, you must gamble on the foul pit fights of Ghoulmorrah in a last-ditch struggle to pay off a merciless syndicate of moneylenders. With looming payments fast approaching, the only way to beat the odds is to sleuth, scheme, and sabotage. While a sure bet is favorable to warding off debt collectors, the risk of getting caught cheating could rid you of your earnings, your reputation, or worse - your life! Only those who are clever and cunning enough to pay off their debts will survive the vile underbelly of the slithering city.

Design, Development, Graphics, & Production by Dillon Morton

Illustration, Development, & Editing by Eric Radey (Dungeon Degenerates)

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Previews & Reviews:

“As soon as I saw the art I knew I had to take a look at this game … Just so good and so evocative.” - The Dungeon Dive

"It's super elegant as a single-player game … I wish more Kickstarters were ran like this.” - The Vintage RPG Podcast

“It oozes filth, recalling the classic vibes of old-school Fighting Fantasy and its ilk, and does a perfect job in setting the tone … It shines in its moments of doubt, when the stakes are high, and you wrest control from chaos against all odds” - Andi Lennon

"The game strikes an incredible balance between challenging and achievable gambling. The refined equilibrium [of agency and] randomization in Bloodsport Gambler is commendable and not an easy feat to have achieved.” - Solitary Quest

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